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Welcome to the professional portfolio of Miles Chaillié, a freshly graduated mechatronics engineer. This digital portfolio is crafted to establish a compelling online presence for his job search, showcasing his engineering projects and technical skills.


Developed using Next.js and TypeScript, this portfolio features a custom backend integrated with a PostgreSQL database managed through Prisma. It utilizes Tailwind CSS for styling, ensuring a clean and modern visual appeal that aligns with professional standards.


The portfolio includes a fully handcrafted backend that interacts with a custom API using route handlers. This setup enables easy modifications, additions, and deletions of portfolio content such as about details, projects, tags, and dates, offering seamless content management.


Designed in close collaboration with Mr. Chaillié, the visual layout is simple yet effective, emphasizing usability and professionalism. Tailwind CSS supports a responsive and adaptable design that looks great on all devices.


This portfolio serves as a vital tool for Mr. Chaillié to highlight his engineering expertise and projects to potential employers. It is designed not only to showcase his technical skills but also to facilitate networking and career opportunities in the field of mechatronics engineering.

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